Tuesday, 26 January 2016


The Bloggerhood wants to know who or what inspires me.

I find this to be a tricky question because there isn't just one thing in my life that creates inspiration.

My children inspire me everyday... To be a better person and a better mother; To give them the best of me at all times.

My mother inspires me often through her cooking.

My sister is an inspiration.  She was a teenage mother and I am so impressed and proud of how far she has come.

I could just keep going with this list...
What inspires you?


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  1. my cooking...mmm, ask your Dad about the first time I cooked liver for him and Grandpa. I'm glad you like my cooking, it's been 30 years of trial and error. About the only thing my Mother taught me to cook was frying pork chops and making mashed potatoes. My Dad taught me a lot about preserving. He was much more adventurous in the kitchen than my Mother was. (hugs) Anonymous Mom